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Now that you've applied, select a sport below to complete the mandatory online training:
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How It Works

  • Officials will complete the online training.

  • Officials will then create an account on HorizonWebRef.

  • Officials will order their gear and uniform from the online store.

  • Officials will attend an in-person training session.

  • Officials can then sign up and work games through HorizonWebRef.

  • Officials will be paid every Friday for the games that they worked the week before.


How Does Your Referee Training Program Work?

Our referee training consists of two modules, both of which need to be completed before you can officiate a game. These sessions cost nothing up-front; their nominal cost will be deducted from your first paycheck.


Module One: Online Referee Training

The online module is twofold. Part of it is an orientation to Official Finders, our expectations of you, and what you, in turn, can expect from us. The other part is an explanation of the rules of the game, and advice for dealing with certain situations you will face while you’re on the field.


Module Two: Field-Based Referee Training

Now that you have the basics under your belt, it’s time to put them into practice. You’ll help to officiate a mock game, learn to identify common fouls and other issues, how to issue penalties, how to ensure the safety of players and spectators, and how to help the gameplay run with minimal interruptions.


What Happens Once Training is Completed?

Training is only the first step. Once that’s done, there’s a bit more preparation, scheduling, and of course, ensuring you get paid for your hard work.


Sports Official Equipment

The first thing you’ll do to prepare for your new job is to get the appropriate gear so you’re protected, and credible when officiating a game. We offer a sports official store so you can stock up on the essentials:




You’ll be offered many opportunities to officiate games, but you’re not obligated to take them; we work around your schedule so your job doesn’t interfere with school work, extra classes you’ve taken, or a bit of fun on the side.



Experience matters, and you’ll be learning skills that will serve you just as well off the field as on it. That said, we pay well for your time:

Baseball & Softball — $40 - $75 per game
                   Soccer — $18 - $30 per game


Why Choose Official Finders?

Finding a job is tough; finding a first job is even harder. The advantage of working with Official Finders is that the work comes to you. We’ll connect you with youth sports organizations throughout the Chicago metro area and Northern Illinois who already know and trust us, and our more than 1,500 employees throughout the area. 


Ready to take the next step to a brighter future? Click, text, or call today!


Youth Sports Official Training in Northern IL and Northwest IN

If you’ve ever given thought to becoming a youth sports official in the Chicagoland area — a baseball or softball umpire, a referee for soccer or basketball — did you know that starting is a lot easier than you think? Official Finders is always looking for motivated individuals to join our team. No experience? No problem. We’ll make sure you learn all that you need to know!

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