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Youth Sports Official Gear in IL

At Official Finders, we take great pride in making sure our aspiring sports officials have everything they need to succeed. We do mean everything, including youth sports official training in IL and IN, tools for building and maintaining valuable interpersonal relationships, and even an extensive stock of sporting official gear so that when game day comes, our staff is fully equipped to exceed expectations.

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Why The Right Sports Official Gear Matters

Training is important, but having the right gear matters for our staff as well. There are three good reasons for this. 



Official Finders hires individuals between the ages of 14 and 21. Regardless of age, our officials have the same responsibilities to the game, its players, and its spectators as much older officials, and our official gear ensures that you fit right in, displaying professionalism and credibility as you represent us on refereeing jobs in Northern IL


While they differ in the specifics of their rules and regulations, from an official’s point of view, they all share one thing in common: attention matters. You cannot afford to arrive in clothing that leaves you uncomfortable, or that impedes movement.



Game play isn’t the only thing that’s unpredictable. A stray ball, a broken bat, or clumsy player aren’t just inconveniences to officials; they can cause significant injury, which is why we provide protective equipment for our officials’ purchase.


Types of Sports Official Gear

We offer competitive pricing for a full range of umpire and referee gear.


Basketball Referee Gear

We have the basketball referee gear you need. Your uniform starts with a choice of shorts or pants, rounded out by a basketball referee shirt. Don’t have a whistle? That’s okay. We do!


Baseball and Softball Umpire Gear

Like our officials, our baseball and softball umpire gear come in all shapes and sizes.


  • Umpire apparel, including long-lasting hats, shirts, woven pants, and leather belts

  • Pro-grade chest protectors available in standard and long lengths

  • Shin guards in youth and adult sizes

  • Face masks designed for maximum protection and comfort

  • Umpiring accessories that include plate brushes, ball bags, and indicators to track balls, strikes, and hits over the course of each inning

Soccer Referee Apparel and Accessories

Looking for soccer referee gear? We’ve got everything you need to stay safe and comfortable. 


  • Soccer referee shirts: We have a range of colorful polos made of moisture-wicking performance fabric. Each has pockets for your card set, and a velcro logo patch.

  • Referee shorts: These shorts stretch as you move so you stay cool and dry all game long.

  • Referee socks: Our solid black socks don’t just match the outfit; they wick moisture so your feet stay cool and dry.

  • Soccer referee accessories, like a whistle and a referee card set.

Official Finders Referee Equipment Bundles

Some employees already have some of the essentials, or only need to replace individual pieces of worn gear. However, if you’re just getting started, our starter kits combine youth or adult-sized apparel and accessories in money-saving bundles.


Your Officiating Needs, Covered

When you’re new to officiating, there’s a lot to keep straight. Official Finders keeps that easy, giving you the training you need, helping you source jobs, and even making sure you’re properly outfitted on-field. New here? Get in touch with us for answers to any questions you might have!

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