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Passionate. Reliable. Caring.

Why We Started

Caring for the official and the client!

 We were founded in 2009 from a passionate pursuit to find qualified and trained officials for the struggling sports organization. Our desire is to find and create meaningful jobs for those who love sports and to find the right official to fill our clients needs. 

Where To Find Us

OFFICIAL FINDERS is headquartered in Saint Charles, Illinois. We provide services throughout Northern Illinois and Northern Indiana. 


Frequently asked questions



OFFICIAL FINDERS schedules sports officials for amateur sports games. We find officials for game providers to ease scheduling and to ease payment concerns.


As a game provider, you give us your schedule and we handle it from there!

Does OFFICIAL FINDERS have scheduling fees?

Unlike most operations, OFFICIAL FINDERS does not tack on additional fees for scheduling an official or penalize you for a cancelled game. We charge one rate per game.

Where is OFFICIAL FINDERS available?

OFFICIAL FINDERS is available throughout northern Illinois and in northwest Indiana.

Why would I choose OFFICIAL FINDERS?

OFFICIAL FINDERS is a one stop shop for all of your officiating needs. We are the only full time organization in the area that has a dedicated phone line to give you peace of mind in scheduling your games. Our online platform is easy to use to ensure all of your bases are covered.

Officiating Questions

What is required to work a game?

In order to work a game, you must have experience or training in the sport you would like to officiate, as well as, direct deposit set up with us to get paid.

What if I don't have experience or training in officiating?

Not a problem! OFFICIAL FINDERS offers introductory training in several sports.

How do I get trained to become an official?

Simply head over to our training page and select a training to attend.

What should I wear?

As an official, we require profressional attire. The uniform varies based on the sport you are officiating. These questions will be answered further in the introductory training to new officials.


How much money can I make with OFFICIAL FINDERS?

The average official earns over $22-30/hr in their first season.

When do I get paid?

OFFICIAL FINDERS pays officials every Friday.

How do I get paid?

OFFICIAL FINDERS uses ADP, a third party payment platform, to pay officials. You can find more information about them here.

Does OFFICIAL FINDERS have access to my bank account?

OFFICIAL FINDERS does not store any of your account information on our servers. All account information is stored on ADP’s servers.

Will I receive a 1099?

OFFICIAL FINDERS will send a 1099 to all eligible officials.

Why do I have to give my SSN?

Your SSN is required for tax and payment purposes. Like your account information, this information is kept secure.