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Illinois' Best Official Organization

Passionate. Reliable. Caring.

Why We Started

Caring for the official and the client!

 We were founded in 2009 from a passionate pursuit to find qualified and trained officials for the struggling sports organization. Our desire is to find and create meaningful jobs for those who love sports and to find the right official to fill our clients needs. 

How Chicago's Official Assignors Got Started in Illinois

They say that not all heroes wear capes. Our team’s masks certainly look different, and we tend to prefer cleats to tights. But to many sporting organizations in the Chicagoland area and beyond, OFFICIAL FINDERS is a trusted partner for official assignors in Illinois.

Where does that trust come from? We care for the game, our officials, and the communities we serve. That spirit, equal parts passion and compassion, led us to found Official Finders in 2009. In the years since we've slowly but steadily built an organization that sources and trains officials that help struggling youth sports organizations. More than filling a job for a game, our mission is helping to create work with meaning. 


Opportunity Knocks.

Our Values

What brought us here, and drives us forward? Three core values lie at the heart of everything we do.

A Commitment to Youth Leadership

Officiating a game -- be it baseball, basketball, or football -- takes more than a sharp uniform and an intimate knowledge of rules and regulations. Time and again, we've seen local kids dig deep to tap a reservoir of resilience and maturity they didn't know they had. We're not just supplying officiants; we're helping to cultivate kids who can be leaders on and off the field.


A Commitment to Community

We know first hand that youth sports don't just benefit kids; they benefit communities, too. However, we're also all too aware of the many challenges that face organizations, from staffing shortages to a dearth of time and money. It's why we take the time to empower kids and organizations alike, secure in the knowledge that good sports programs build stronger communities.


Love of the Game

Of course, as important as our commitment to the next generation of officiating talent is, and as much as it brings us joy to serve youth sports organizations throughout Northern Illinois and Northern Indiana, we have another reason to do what we do. Everyone on our team shares a deep and abiding love for sports, born of our own past experiences and the thrill of watching a new generation of talent find their gifts.


Our Company Culture

Our culture is rooted in simple, timeless values.


  • Fair treatment for our employees, on and off the field

  • Respect for our clients

  • Professionalism, transparency, and integrity in all that we do


That culture expresses itself in several ways, from the sports official training programs we offer our prospects, to the sports official equipment store that ensures employees are ready to present a professional image on game day.


Why Sports Organizations Trust Official Finders' Trained Officials

In Official Finders, Illinois sports organizations have found a trustworthy partner. Our team members are trained in the rules of the game, but just as importantly, they perform with all the diligence and professionalism you’d expect from the big leagues. Our onboarding process for organizations is simple but effective, payment terms fair and transparent, and we can even supply support staff for your event. The solution to your officiating challenges is always just a click or call away!

    OFFICIAL FINDERS schedules sports officials for amateur sports games. We find officials for game providers to ease scheduling and to ease payment concerns.
  • How does OFFICIAL FINDERS work?
    As a game provider, you give us your schedule and we handle it from there!
  • Does OFFICIAL FINDERS have scheduling fees?
    Unlike most operations, OFFICIAL FINDERS does not tack on additional fees for scheduling an official or penalize you for a cancelled game. We charge one rate per game.
  • Where is OFFICIAL FINDERS available?
    OFFICIAL FINDERS is available throughout northern Illinois and in northwest Indiana.
  • Why would I choose OFFICIAL FINDERS?
    OFFICIAL FINDERS is a one stop shop for all of your officiating needs. We are the only full time organization in the area that has a dedicated phone line to give you peace of mind in scheduling your games. Our online platform is easy to use to ensure all of your bases are covered.
  • What is required to work a game?
    In order to work a game, you must have experience or training in the sport you would like to officiate, as well as, direct deposit set up with us to get paid.
  • What if I don't have experience or training in officiating?
    Not a problem! OFFICIAL FINDERS offers introductory training in several sports.
  • How do I get trained to become an official?
    Simply head over to our training page and select a training to attend.
  • What should I wear?
    As an official, we require profressional attire. The uniform varies based on the sport you are officiating. These questions will be answered further in the introductory training to new officials.
  • How much money can I make with OFFICIAL FINDERS?
    The average official earns over $22-30/hr in their first season.
  • When do I get paid?
    OFFICIAL FINDERS pays officials every Friday.
  • How do I get paid?
    OFFICIAL FINDERS uses ADP, a third party payment platform, to pay officials. You can find more information about them here.
  • Does OFFICIAL FINDERS have access to my bank account?
    OFFICIAL FINDERS does not store any of your account information on our servers. All account information is stored on ADP’s servers.
  • Will I receive a 1099?
    OFFICIAL FINDERS will send a 1099 to all eligible officials.
  • Why do I have to give my SSN?
    Your SSN is required for tax and payment purposes. Like your account information, this information is kept secure.

Where To Find Us

OFFICIAL FINDERS is headquartered in Saint Charles, Illinois. We provide services throughout Northern Illinois and Northern Indiana. 

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