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Become a sports official with no upfront costs.

Cost Deferment Program

Getting started as an official can be expensive. Rather than pay for training, registration, equipment, and uniform up-front, we offer to defer these costs to your paycheck.



Certification and training costs, however, unlike other programs, we do not require you to pay this up-front.



Since we host our own store, we are able to defer the cost of any gear or uniform you need to your paycheck.




If you defer the cost of your gear and uniform, we ask that you pick it up from us in person at our St. Charles location.

Game Average

We ask that you work two games per week on average. This doesn't necessarily mean you work every week, but that over the season you have an average of two games every week.

How to:

During your check-out, simply select "Offline Payment" as the payment method, and make sure put in the order for pickup.

Official Finders deferment to paycheck
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