Baseball & Softball Umpire Gear in IL

You may come to Official Finders as a past player of the game, or as a rabid fan. But you’ll leave our baseball umpire training as much more than that. You’ll know the rules inside and out, and you’ll be qualified to call games effectively and fairly. You’ll need more than just training to succeed and stay safe, which is why we also offer gear for umpiring to get you started. 


Why You Need Gear to Umpire a Baseball Game

We know what you’re thinking. “Why on Earth would I need gear just to call balls and strikes, or to call someone out when they slide into third?” Great question.



They say to dress for the job you want, and that’s important when you’re looking for umpiring jobs in Northern IL. We've yet to see an umpire show up on game day wearing cutoffs and a Misfits t-shirt. We make sure you’re ready to present a professional image that speaks well of you, and us; that image will also lend credibility as you officiate the game.



Who needs a face mask or chest protector? You do, especially if the batter loses control of her swing, or if a pitch is far enough outside the strike zone that it’s practically in another ZIP code. Who needs shin guards? Well, have you ever gotten in the way when someone tried to slide into third and overshot by a bit? Baseball is fun, but everyone’s safety—the players’ and yours alike—is important too.


Available Umpiring Gear

We cover practically every umpiring gear and apparel needed at affordable prices.