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Basketball Rules and Expectations 

Officials represent our company so we require professional behavior and a clean appearance at all games. As an official you are expected to arrive 15 minutes early to every game wearing the correct uniform for the sport you’re officiating.


It is important to know any rules specific to the team or organization you’re working with. Rule handbooks can be found below listed by location.

The uniform required for travel basketball referees is as follows: striped referee jersey, pants, black tennis shoes and a whistle. For In house levels, shorts are acceptable. All of which can be purchased at the Official Finders Store.  

In-House Rules

Travel Rules

Adult League Rules

Special Recreation

Basketball League Rules in IL

The rules of a basketball game can vary greatly depending on whether it’s being played on a schoolyard basketball court or in a NCAA tournament, leading to confusion and arguments. The many adaptations of these rules available can mean that members of the same league end up confused about what rules they need to follow, and parents at children's games can become upset. Having a uniform set of basketball league rules allows the players and coaching staff to enjoy and focus on the gameplay instead of worrying about enforcing an unclear set of rules. By following the established basketball league rules and hiring a trained official to act as a referee or umpire, leagues can eliminate problems and disputes before they occur, letting the children and parents focus on game play.


Boys’ Leagues

The rules that govern boys’ and girls’ sports are designed to promote fair play at a safe, age-appropriate level, so players can develop their skills and love of the game. Within the category of kids’ sports, the regulations are further broken down by smaller age group segments. The size of the ball, height of the hoop, distance of the free throw line, and other fundamentals are all established for each of the age groups from 7 up to 18 years old. Rules are also set forward for length of gameplay, what maneuvers are allowed during the game, and how the game is structured. 


Travel Leagues

The natural next step forward for kids who love basketball and have a talent for playing is joining a travel basketball league. To ensure uniform gameplay across the locations that these leagues span, travel leagues follow an established set of rules that is adapted into two separate versions for girls’ and boys’ teams. 


Want to Become a Referee or Umpire for Youth Sports?

Official Finders is the leading source of in person and online training for youth sporting referees and umpires. We offer 24-hour support via phone, email, or chat while you learn the basics of being a referee or an umpire for youth basketball in Geo: Northern IL. In just three sessions with us, you can begin working as an official for youth basketball games and more. 


But our support goes far beyond your training. As a complete one-stop shop for all your needs, we offer basketball referee equipment, so you can get right to work when your training is done. We also make it easy to work games throughout northern Illinois and northwest Indiana, freeing you from the stress of managing your own schedule. You simply give our staff your schedule, and we will manage the rest. You can choose how often you work and get paid weekly for the work you do.


If this opportunity sounds right for you, contact us today, or download the Illinois basketball league rules and regulations to find out more. 

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